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Carpentry is a skill that is acquired through training, apprenticeship and invested effort. Wood is a stunning material; it can add character through the addition of a trim, comfort with redwood siding or functionality when designed with purpose. Wood can be molded, sculpted and wondrous outcomes are possible with applied skill and time. If you have dreamed of starting your custom project but never started the process, giving SCC a call could be the start your installment needs.

We work with homeowners to design operational and aesthetic pieces that truly work well in your space. We are able to take a vision that has yet been put to paper or pen and create the custom piece that makes an impact.

About Us 

We are a company created with the purpose of creating beauty. We shape, mold, and install wood carpentry pieces to homes within Smyrna creating works of functional art within a space. Our team of consultants is highly skilled and thoroughly trained in the trade of carpentry. We create quality pieces of furniture, trim and so much more with high quality product and by outstanding executioners.

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Our Services

When you start your experience with SCC you will find immediate assistance and support with the consultant you are working with. There is a flow and a method to the questions and needs that our employees ask from clients to finish a project on time and with proficiency. There are no skipped steps or lack of follow through and we guarantee that the process will be executed with expertise and efficiency. Of course custom carpentry does take time. There are longer wait periods that are expected associated with custom compared to stock. We like to remind our customers of this delay before starting a project with a designated timeline.

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Custom Carpentry

Imagine your vision is able to come to life with the help of a custom carpentry expert. The knowledge and experience that is apparent when you meet with our staff is sure to impress you. There is nothing like creating a piece that you have thus far just imagined, the final product is magical. There is no time like the present to start your custom carpentry project, and with the help of our knowledgeable and devoted team you will not regret your decision.

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Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchens can add great value to your home, your home is an asset that holds monetary significance. There is absolute value in installing and investing in custom cupboards in your home. The design may optimize the space that your kitchen offers, organization and ease of use is absolutely sought after by potential homeowners. Your kitchen cabinets can add character and style to your space, the stain or design is able to impact the style of your room.

I have this grandfather clock that was passed down through generations. I have always loved it but wanted another piece to help tie the room together. I call Smyrna Custom Carpentry and they were amazing. Completely matched the style of my antique.

Mary A.

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Trim Design & Installation

Trim is a common addition to interior spaces as it adds visual impact to s pace. Your molding surrounding your ceiling and wall joints can hide unsightly seams or simply add interest to the surface. Crown moldings are not the only addition that can be customized and installed when it comes to trim in your home. Beautiful and complex moldings can sit midway through the wall creating a more traditional flare.


Custom Closets

Closets should be functional and efficient; when there is a system that enhances the usefulness of the space the cleaner the space will stay. Effective organization will help stop the chaos and panic that most mornings bring for the majority of people. Rushing around to find the one shirt we know we have has, I am sure, happened to us all. When systems are in place that create flow and functionality in your space the less confusion and chaos apparent in the space.

I know very little about woodwork, but I know the value custom cabinets brings to kitchens. Went with the team at Smyrna Custom Carpentry and they were able to install functional units. Will use for my next flip.

Scott D.

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Exterior Trim Work

Exterior trim work is perfect for homeowners looking to add curb appeal to their property. The change of trim can drastically increase the appeal of the property. We work with homeowners to create a consistent and clear vision to enhance the appeal of the structure. When working with our consultants we will take an assessment of the distance that will need to be built.


Custom Wood Creations

Custom creations covers everything in between the usual asks. Custom dog gates and kennels are possible to create a useful and stylish solution for pets. No matter your problem there is surely a solution that can be complied from the custom carpentry options that are available. We love to create innovative and stylish products that help bring order and design to your everyday life. Share your ideas and wishes with our consultants for a realistic and honest quote today.

Used their service for my crown molding. Went spectacularly! I love the character and the uniqueness the molding adds to the space in our dining room.

Tyler Z.

Call Us Today

Our team is committed to our customer’s experience. This is simple, but very true! We go above and beyond to surprise and delight our customers with custom solutions. The solution may be simple or highly elaborate, no matter the ask though we are confident that SCC is up to the challenge. Stunning custom pieces are displayed for your viewing pleasure on our social media platforms. We are available for contact through this portal or more traditional methods such as; email and phone. In person is always an effective way to start your conversation with one of our highly experienced consultants. We look forward to working with you to create your custom creation.