Custom Carpentry

Man Doing Carpentry

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Custom carpentry is a craft that results in beautiful and useful household additions. No matter the space or the area of your home, there is always opportunity to increase the productivity or comfort of your space. Our team is complied of proficient and talented staff that applies their knowledge and talents to create your custom pieces. If you have a problem but cannot clearly see the solution, team up with our consultants to see what can be done to solve your inquiry.


Built-in fireplace mantles can change the atmosphere and expression of your living room. Fireplaces are gathering spaces in the colder seasons for family and friends. The creative influence your mantle can have on your bedroom or living space can alter the atmosphere in your abode. Mantles can be custom created to reflect the style of homeowners and the surrounding space. Working with our team has never been easier; we are available to help guide our clients throughout the process of custom carpentry.


Bedframes, coffee tables, desks, countertops and so much more can be designed and constructed from wood of your choosing in styles that suit the space you have created. Furniture will not be upholstered by our company but it can be built in preparation for upholstery elsewhere. Beautiful furniture pieces do not go out of style and can be passed down for generations to family. Make your vision a reality with a custom piece designed to your specifications by talented craftsman locally. Creating your custom piece of furniture has never been more special than with the rise of low-price low-quality furniture made in masses. The lifespan that our pieces will provide for you are worth the cost.

Crown Molding

Crown molding is a wonderful addition to your walls, the interest that it is added to the seam between ceiling and wall. There are a variety of wood species that can be molded into shapes and designs esthetically pleasing to the eye. Crown molding does not take up a massive amount of space in the room that it is installed into, but the impact it can have is huge. Property values are known to rise with the presence of crown molding meaning your investment into your home is not only for aesthetic but also for monetary gain.


Your door is the first peek that guests have into your unique style that is within. Unlock your creativity with intricate designs with energy efficiency. Having a door that is able to increase the energy efficiency of your home is beneficial to your power bills as well as environmental perks. Doors can be designed to match the style of your home, traditional, contemporary, modern, rustic, and coastal. All of these style options are available to be reflected before your guests even enter your home. Doors can be constructed of various materials and be stained or painted to hold you choose. We work with our clients to ensure that needs wants and must haves are incorporated into the final result.