Custom Closets

Custom Closets

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Closets are constructed to hold your apparel shoes and handbags. But, if the closet is improperly set up your belongings can suffer severe disorganization. It can be rightfully frustrating to find your piece of clothing in a sea of dishevelment; you know it is there but somewhere hidden under piles of mess. To fix this common and recurring disruption, a custom closet system is in order. We are able to confer and decipher your needs and must-haves to incorporate those into the final design. Your design will reflect your style and be made in collaboration with you.

Finding the right design

Functionality should be a priority when designing the layout of your closet. Have your essential pieces on hand and in their designated place ready to complete your outfit. Shoe storage options are available for the women and men out there that suffer from a shoe affliction. Our hats and handbags your vice? We have storage options available to showcase your beautiful bags while optimizing space in your wardrobe. Options are available to tweak existing stock closets or completely design and assemble a closet to your specifications.


We have a team of talented and experienced installers ready to put your dream closet together. Having a plan and being able to execute the layout efficiently and effectively is what we are masters of. Our knowledgeable team is highly efficient and organized. When it comes to installation, the pieces and parts of your closet will be delivered with conviction and installed with great care. Your closet will be installed properly for the first time. We promise that the care we put into making your custom closet will also be put into the installation.


Luxury is achieved in closets when using rich materials to complement the heightened style. For new builds or existing homes undergoing renovations, SCC can create luxury custom closets. Working with our consultation experts you will communicate your needs wants and vision for the finished product. From there we will choose the top tier materials and construct the custom design to check every box on your list. Luxury is not just created from materials, but design. The design aspect should not be taken lightly and the closet style should complement the scheme of the rest of your property.


Organizing your closet can be tough if you do not have the right foundation. The key to starting your day off right is, to begin with, the tools to set yourself up for success. The organization is key to the functionality of your closet; if there is no rhyme or reason for the allocation of aspects then the organization’s attempt can be futile. There are various options when it comes to layout and planning for closets. The best option for you is the one that works with your lifestyle and is complementary to how you use your closet. We will work with you to discover the right organization layout for your custom closet.