Custom Wood Creations

Working Carpenter

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Wood is a moldable material that can be transformed into a variety of stunning pieces. There are so many creative and useful pieces that can be constructed with wood. No matter the species of wood or the design, the result is destined to be stunning and one of a kind when contracted by SCC. Custom wood creations can fill a void that might be missing in your home, whether that missing piece is something that helps your space look beautiful or be more useful we are here to help. Novelty pieces are in high demand by business owners and gift givers alike. When looking for something that goes above and beyond expectations work with SCC to make this a reality


Put your name out there for customers to see. We create custom wood creation chosen from a variety of wood species with ornate designs. Signs tell guests or customers exactly who they are coming to see, by putting your best foot forward with a sign custom created by SCC you are putting that forward. With the consultation process we find out what is important to our clients and start the process of creating your personal or professional sign.

Dog Crates/ Gates     

Your animal is most likely the apple of your eye, pets take a special and often big piece of our hearts. Accessories that usually come with pets can be unsightly and exceedingly big. There is no need for a crate, kennel or baby gate to take over your living space. There are solutions to minimize the interference that these necessary tools cause. The options are limitless when looking at disguising your gate. There is the option for a built in sliding door to surrounding walls or cabinets, as well as a gate that opens but is designed to be pleasing to the eye. Finding space to keep your crate can be tough, the tool is necessary but the design can often be unsightly. There are spaces under cabinets or in corners that custom crates can be built to be beautiful and functional.

Salvaged Driftwood

Driftwood can add a coastal feel to your space, complimenting your existing pieces and adding some originality to the space. Driftwood is beautiful and can be crafted into tables, wall pieces and so much more. There really is no limit to the creativity that can be infused into driftwood. If you are looking for a diverse and character-adding piece for your home, office or business than the solution might be a custom piece created by SCC.

Game Boards

Chessboards, crib boards, monopoly boards and many more games are available to be crafted and custom created by the talented team at SCC. Whether your intention is to create a conversation piece with life size chess or to add a personal touch to a gift there is nowhere else to go to have a custom game board created to your specifications. We are able to create large pieces to add some novelty or add initials or saying to hold more meaning to your intended recipient.