Exterior Trim Work

Man Doing Trim Work

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Exteriors of homes are sometimes forgotten as we spend the majority of our time inside the dwelling. The exterior of your home can have a huge affect on the value and curb appeal of your investment. There is no doubt that your home is an investment and the condition of the home is important to maintaining the value. Exterior doors, trim and siding can all be updated or maintained to help keep your value in the property. Custom works can be made from a variety of wood and fitted to homes of any size. To walk you through the process our consultants will be with you from the beginning to completion of your project.


Plantation shutters can add a clear style to your property, no matter the era or flair that you have infused in your home there is a custom shutter that can be created to compliment. Your shutters are useful as they can reduce heating and cooling needs making your home more energy efficient. This is not only good for your pocket, but the environment as it cuts down on energy consumption. Character can be added through shutters, they are a complimentary addition to trim that surrounds your home.

Window Trim

Windows let light in, they allow us to safely watch our children playing in the back yard and also allow us to view nature. Having your windows trimmed with custom installation can add value to your property, as the curb appeal will drive up value for the structure. Drip caps should be installed to impede water from going into the openings. Keeping water from entering your abode is important. Water damage can absolutely be a huge hindrance to the structure and an added expense.

Door Trim

Handcrafted to bring style to your home, door trim is a character adding touch to apply to your space. Beautiful designs and colors can be customized to bring your door to life. There are stain options and wood options that can add color to your entrances. Other options include a more natural or rustic style keeping the wood its natural tone but adding a sealant so to extend the lifespan of the material. Our consultants will walk you through your options in detail and work with you to apply these options to come up with the best result possible.


Redwood good to use for exterior siding is a wonderful option, the natural weather-resistant properties of the wood means an extended lifespan for this species. Siding can be added to your main residence, cabin or shed for coastal, traditional or rustic touches. No matter your design needs we assure you that there is a type of wood that is right for your property, Consultations with our team will help you narrow down your choice from seemingly endless options and land on the right wood and finish for you. Custom siding by SCC will add style and value to your investment.