Kitchen Cabinets

A Smiling Carpenter

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Kitchens add value to homes; there is no doubt that a properly constructed kitchen can add thousands to a property’s value. Custom cabinets can add just that much more value to your property. There are clear benefits to installing custom cabinets other than just the value increase. Your kitchen should be easy to use and should be set up with vision and conviction. The more organizational thought and conscious effort that is infused into creating your kitchen cabinets the greater the impact on the result. We have hundreds of designs that are available for preview and of course styles can be amended and adjusted based on the needs of particular projects.

Creative Design Ideas

Completing your custom kitchen would not be worth the effort without organizational solutions. Kitchens are gathering places for families and friends. They are also utilized as food preparation spaces; both of these uses should be taken into account when planning the layout and design of your kitchen. Good designs take up the least amount of space while offering you abundant storage options. Working with our consultation experts will give you an insight into the options and storage solutions that are available to be incorporated into your home.


The doors created for your cabinets can be ornate, simple, or quirky. There is no limit to the style and color options available for your kitchen cabinet doors. Having unlimited options can be overwhelming, but this is mitigated by the support you will receive from the consultation expert working with you. Whether your kitchen is traditional, contemporary, modern, rustic, or any other possible theme there are options complimentary to your taste. We know the investment that you are putting into your home when updating your kitchen. No matter how substantial the amount you invest in your new custom cabinetry we promise to produce the product with care and craftsmanship.

Color Options

Wood, gray, white are popular options chosen by homeowners all over the world. There are not the only options when it comes to the color of your cabinets. There are paint options, stain options, and grain options available to ensure your kitchen delivers the results you have been anticipating. Adding a natural stain or organic color can add a rustic touch to your space while having white or gray cabinets installed can hold true to a modern or contemporary tone. Coastal can be achieved with a combination of paint, stain, and design. Start your custom cabinet process today by contacting one of our experienced consultants and gaining the most information you can.


Islands have become popular additions to kitchens that have limited counter space in the surrounding areas. Islands become congregating areas for lots of homes and can hold many memories of laughs, tears, and everything in between. An additional benefit of adding an island to your home is the storage that comes with the added space. Not only surface storage but hidden compartments or drawers can be added underneath the counter to optimize the use.