Trim Design & Installation

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Adding details to your home adds visual interest to otherwise plain or simple spaces. Our team of consultants and craftsmen excel in the art form of molding, sculpting, and transforming molding into an interesting and visual addition. Looking through our finished projects on our online profiles gives you an idea of the level of artistic value that is infused into the projects that we take on. To start your project or increase the value of your home through additions of molding and trim call us today. We are looking forward to starting your renovation or addition of beautiful custom woodwork to your business, home, or personal space.


Baseboards are installed in the meeting space of the wall and the floor. They help hide any unsightly paint variances or carpeting and hardwood edges. Baseboards might seem mundane but the lack of them can cause a huge difference in the appearance and overall design of your home. Including the baseboard will increase the value of your property and cause overall design improvement in any space. We have multiple designs or moldings available for installation. Baseboards styles can vary and be diverse and interesting as well as simple and utilitarian.

Craftsman Style

This option for installation adds a complexity to the appearance of the trim. Built-up from multiple pieces this can look quite intricate and confusing but the installation process is quite simple. We are able to take this product and have it installed in your home with ease and quality results. The ability to hide gaps or irregular surfaces is another perk of choosing this method of trim. Craftsman style is a popular choice for a reason. The style is complementary to spaces and is pleasing to the eye. Having craftsman style trim increases the character of whatever room or space it is installed into.


Options for minimalist trim installments in your home are ever-present. The clean lines and simple additions are great for contemporary and modern buildings. There is a benefit of adding trim to your spaces, no matter the minimalistic style. The trim will add finishing touches and be a huge décor addition to your windows or doors. Partner with our consultants to come with the absolute design and style of your trim. There are samples of various patterns and styles available to take into your home and view the pattern with the surrounding of your space. Not every installation of molding or trim needs to be excessive, there are styles and options for every taste and décor imaginable.


Our team of proficient carpenters always completes the installation of any trim or molding. There are so many benefits to having a professional company take over your installation and complete the job with skill. Inexperienced handyman or homeowners can unfortunately cause more damage to homes when attempting to install molding and trim than good.  To avoid any additional costs or unexpected damage to your walls or ceilings we recommend contacting a professional to install the molding.